Questions & Answers

Customer Q&A

Q.) Won’t the chain get all tangled?

A.) No because it lies on your chest and when you move it moves with you.  Then you bend or lean over, it could twist but won’t tangle. 

Q.)  I’m afraid to pull on such a dainty chain.  Won’t it break?

A.)  No, As you pull it outward with a consistent pull, the chain naturally will untie.  The inertia and centrifugal force make it so there is no bearing on the chain and at the point of intersection it will flip over. 

Q.) Will it fall off as I move?

A.)  No, However the ends will move up and down as you move, there is no clasp, so it easily adjusts.  The only motion that is not secure is the bouncing, jumping motion, because it could flip the ends over.

Q.)  Will the magnets fall off?

A.)  Magnets are strong in the north and south pole position, yet they slide easily east and west.  We are not hit sideways on our chest and ears.  If the ending is pulled on first the chain will rotate, and then the end will come off if pulled on hard.   It is noticeable, and can easily be returned to the necklace end quickly and easily.  (It is my recommendation that with small children under the age of 2 that you use more cation and be aware that magnets in their mouth are a choking hazard.)

Q.)  Will the crystals fall out?

A.)  All crystals are hand glued into each spot and some are bound to fall out.  If a crystal falls out within the first 15 days, I will replace the necklace for free.


Wholesaler Q&A

Q.)  Is there a Drop Ship program?

A.)  Each Magic  Ending is made in the US by hand.  So the timeframe for fulfillment is 14-21 days.  This is not really conducive to Drop Ship programs.   If you are wanting to have an online business where you sell the Magic necklace on your site and Charise Noel ships the order, You would have to reorder the same order through your approved resale account and enter the shipping information of your customer and your cost of the item + shipping cost will be charged to your cc on hand at that time. 

Q.)  Is there a minimum order?

A.)  Yes, the minimum amount is $300.00 for storefronts and for drop shipping there will be a credit applied on your account. 

Q.)  A customer receives a damaged piece, what happens?

A.)  I want everyone to LOVE their Magic jewelry and be a fan of Charise Noel jewelry.  So, According to the stores return / exchange policy time frame, the customer will receive another good item.   The store will receive another like item from Charise Noel. 

Q.)  What methods of payments/terms do you except?

A.)  Our web site, accepts most major credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal. When making a payment via PayPalyou will be redirect to the PayPal's website to complete payment transaction. We do this for your protection. Shortly after placing your order you will receive an email instructing you to log into your PayPal account and transfer the amount due (depending on availability of items ordered) to our PayPal account

Q.)  How do I train my employees to show Magic by Charise Noel?

A.)  Training Kit Videos:  Charise Noel personally trains your sales family.

Covering topics such as who is Charise Noel, How and Why it works, Simple tips that a 4 year old could understand, and how to Never get a necklace tangled when off of your neck and most importantly Selling Magic Demo Video.  See the Training Kit Videos Page.

Q.)  What about displays for my store?

A.)  With a Pre-set meeting we can discuss your needs and I have solutions.  For Counter tops, Merchandise hanging Racks, Jewelry Cases.  Each one is sold separately.   Please contact me with your needs.


If you have any further questions… Thank you!  I enjoy thinking about new ideas, please feel free to e-mail me at