Training Kit

Training Kit

Charise Noel Magic Collection Training Kit

The training is led by Charise Noel herself, in all the ways that she has learned & grown over the last 10 years. 

With years in the industry as a retail owner of Kiosks in Downtown Disney & Newport Beach, Ca.  with Red Carpet appearances from Dancing with the Stars Witney Carson and Hunger Games Stef Dawson.  Presented on EXTRA, TV!  Her passion is to be an advocate in the fashion industry for those who have limitations.  Now everyone CAN have fun with Magic!

"Charise shares her story like she is your best friend,  which is truly inspirational!  You will learn all the tips on how to best help people do the magic necklace. In simple straight forward ways.  There is a likability in her gracious demeanor and when you and your employees are done with all the videos you will be confident and ready to share the magic collection with everyone you know!"

- Cami, Pacific Gallery, Dana Point (Retailer)


4 Expert Training Video's

Try me Jewelry Kit: (1 Necklace, 1 pair Earrings, 1 Pearl Ending and 1 Ball ending. 

ONLY $64 or FREE when you spend $1,000+ 

Training Kit Videos and Jewelry

Training Kit Videos and Jewelry

Congratulations!  You will receive with the jewelry kit the password for training videos for th..


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